A new year …2018

I was going to make new year resolutions but I decided against it – knowing that I break them every year.

Consciously, I have been submerging or trying to submerge myself in Chinese – preferably in Cantonese (my mother tongue) but mostly Mandarin putonghua because it is more dominant and easier to access through the internet /films/ serials/ music.

Part of my impairmant seems to affect my memory, my language skills seem to be going…it s scary in part and iritating too, especially when family picks on me when I forget people and words – or even grammar mistakes (never my strong point anyway). I think it is disableism of a form but I find it difficult to combat that type of gaslighting (yes I do think it is a form of gaslighting albeit not with actual hurtful intent). Having a physical impairment for most of my life, I have yet to come to terms with hidden impairments – how does one explain them?

As an experiment, I am trying out Gestalt counselling. I am learning more about counselling and therapy  – and self awareness. Hope to have more to report on later in the year.

I will leave with the theme song from The Game of Hunting with Hu Ge – having just finished watching the series about head hunting in China.

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